Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Volt face?

How to earn money from your roof

Sadly, I am finding anything originating with our government, even if it arrives having passed through multiple eminent media organs, to be immediately suspect - especially if it is transmitted as '...under proposals to be announced'.

When it's '...commitments that have now been honoured and initiated' I'll take note and cheer.

A while ago the majors and then even the local media told me that secondary schools (like ours) would be offering our kids Mandarin. Then... nothing. So I checked to see what progress there was, only to be told that they were having trouble finding enough teachers to handle French, let alone another, more complex language. In fact I was made to feel silly for not realising that such guff is put out with no intention of delivery, and is mostly copied from a press release and left unchallenged by most media with pages to fill, as all assume it just gets forgotten about anyway.

I also concern myself that if 'Householders will be able to make money by fitting solar panels or mini wind turbines to their roofs, under proposals to be announced in the Budget next week', I do trust the various pros and cons will be clearly shared to ensure the 'long-term financial security to homeowners who instal the expensive electricity generation equipment.' promises are deliverable.

No way to run a country. Or a coherent renewable energy policy. Or, too often, the odd medium.


Dave said...

Probably, somewhere downstream, you'll need to change the title to 'Volt Farce'?

Peter said...

Speaking of media, if nothing else (and the way things are going...) we at least have good careers ahead in the sub-editor booth of a tabloid!