Wednesday, March 19, 2008

IDEA - Hair today, who knows what tomorrow?

Inspired by this : Dog lovers immortalise pets by turning them into wooly jumpers

As shared by the sniffy blonde (she thought it 'p-EU') and more chilled bouffant on BBC Breakfast News.

A quick Google under 'Dog hair knitting' revealed this is quite prevalent, which just shows how what has been under our noses can end up 'new' when some media say it is.

For copyright reasons I doubt I can show a picture from these publications, but have a gander at our little collection. Bear in mind we throw nothing out... 'just in case'.

That's 4 years of the boys and grandma, who get trimmed at home. Mine we rejected becuase it's just too pepper and salt and looks nasty. The missus doesn't trust us with the clippers, so her tresses are on a barber's floor - waht a waste!

No idea what we'll do with it, if indeed there is anything. But we're looking.

ps: The Other bowl is fluff I collected from our drier. But since we ditched that it has stayed... 'manageable'. Might make good insulation? All you have to do is collect enough. Just saying...

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