Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NEWS/Commercial PR - one good turn deserves a mention!

There's so little not to like about this I just had to rush it out as soon as I heard: The Pedalite.

It appeals on just so many levels.

As an engineer I can't help but admire the innovative concept for its simplicity and efficiency. Remember those old generator jobs that had a wheel being rubbed against the tyre? Any hill and you may have had light, but you were soon running out of puff! This really gets the rotational energy to light superbly.

It's also a critical safety aid. I have some issues about the claims being made for getting kids on bikes. This won't address all of them, but at least it helps my fight with mine trying to get them in high-vis torso and arm bands as they are not 'cool'.

A big thumbs up from here. I look forward to doing a full on-site re:view soon.

PR as supplied, with edits and tweaks:

Add side lighting to bikes to eliminate cycling accidents urges Tony Doyle former World Champion Cyclist

Cycling safety campaigner and former World Champion cyclist, Tony Doyle, MBE, urges cyclists to add side lighting to their bikes, following a report this week by Transport for London stating that more than one London rider is involved in a serious cycling accident every day, with three out of four of these accidents taking place at road junctions, where cyclists cannot be seen from the side (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

Statistics also revealed that:
· 156 cyclists had been killed in London in the past 10 years
· More than 34,000 people were involved in bicycle accidents reported to the Met between 1996 and 2006
· The numbers involved in serious accidents fell from 566 in 1997 to 373 in 2006
· The number of slight accidents fell from 3,852 to 2,566 in 2006

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has just announced a £500m investment in a new network of quick, simple, and safe routes for cyclists, which will provide 900km of safer routes through the capital. A new central London bike hire scheme will also be launched, with 6,000 bikes available every 300 metres [not quite sure about this stat!? - Ed].

Tony Doyle comments, “The TFL’s investment in cycling is brilliant news for cyclists, however, we all need to be aware of the safety issues for cyclists. The increased popularity of cyclists in recent years has also seen a 30% rise in deaths of cyclists on the road since 2002 and with 75% of accidents happening at road junctions, side lighting should be seen to be as important as wearing a helmet in terms of keeping cyclists safe.”

With more cars on the roads than ever before, 48% of cyclists feel unsafe on the roads, according to research of 450 cyclists conducted at the National Cycle show in October 2007 by Pedalite International Ltd. 68% of cyclists believe that motorists came too close to them and over half were worried that they would not be seen in the evenings by motorists (51%). One in five people felt that there was a lack of cycle lanes to ensure their safety, despite the fact that many more cycle lanes have been created over the past few years in major UK cities.

Tony’s top tips for cycling safety are:

* Cyclists need to be as visible as possible on the road and should wear reflective clothing at all times

* Never cycle without a helmet, even on the shortest of distances

* Give your bike a regular bike service to ensure its on road safety

* Pump up your tyres and carry additional batteries for your front and rear lights

* Add reliable side lighting such as battery-free 360 visibility Pedalites* which provide always-on lighting to ensure they can be seen clearly by motorists

*Pedalite International Ltd offers unique 360 degree visibility battery-free pedal lights that improve cycling safety. Pedalites are powered by cycling energy which is harvested and stored enabling the lights to stay on for up to five minutes after the pedalling stops, such as when the cyclist is freewheeling or waiting at a junction. Motorists can see bikes fitted with Pedalites from up to 1km away and from any angle, including the side.

The lights cost £34.99 from Evans, Leisure Lake Bikes and they can be purchased online from the makers

To read more about Pedalite International’s SHE campaign please go here.

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