Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PROF's POSER - Free into who will go?

It's inspired today by this - Battery-powered car on the cards for BMW in bid to cut emissions - which is by no means the first or only such PR outing for an alternative motor fuel/solution.

As all know, my primary concern is the enviROI to such things.

So while I concede that such as electric and hydrogen are most likely to result in fewer emissions from the car where it happens to be, I concern myself more with the total released to the atmosphere, for instance at the point the 'fuel' is created.

I'm just wondering if there is (and there surely must be) any sources that show the relative efficiencies of the various options.

I'm not here (but will be later) so concerned with the overall enviROI of the car (construction, operation/maintenance and disposal all have carbon consequences over lifetime), but simply how the fuel sources stack up in terms of, well... what measure to choose is another key factor.

I'd say the best might be the energy delivered and made available to the tank. As I say, what gets to the wheel is another matter for another time. Though efficiencies in getting miles from a litre of liquid gas or unit of stored electricity are also key.

So... let me kick off with Grams of CO2 per Kilojoule?

Greenbang - Hydrogen highway: won’t somebody think of the water? - May throw up an answer

Funny, I was pondering this only today.

Well, not the water bit as it seemed we have enough of that (but having watched 'V' in the 70's, you should never take such things for granted) and figured it was just going to come back in a cyclical manner, serving merely as part of the energy transfer process.

Plus a quick question to Arnie: why does it have to be a 6/7 litre Hummer? No H2 Civics around, I guess.

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