Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The sub 100 club

Well, the sub 110 club really, as only the Bluemotion is actually less than 100g/km in terms of CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, it's quite a useful summary of the lowest emission vehicles that are available, from MotorTorque.

And all are VED and Con Charge exempt!


Peter said...


Now there's a hell of a lure for the VW. Sadly, not an option at 6x what I'd get for the Golf, and I don't see it lugging the Volvo's load.

I was going to have a dig at the Prius, but it's well up there, which can't be denied. Didn't stop them, mind.

There's a great South Park spoof about it, when California has a 'smug' alert.

In a way it's a shame, becuase it was/is a great attempt at DOING something. But the way it was advertised and hence taken up by those who are more into image has almost backfired ('excuse pun).

Maybe if they can sort the styling and just get back to the facts (a whopping mpg, no C-charge, medium size hatchback, etc) and drop the pious aspect, it will become a genuine option... for those who can afford the premium.

I'd say the SEAT is looking good on that count.

Dave said...

A SEAT? Come on Peter. Once you've sold the rights to re:tie to all and sundry in the packaging industry, you'll be able to afford one of the proposed eco-friendly Bentleys as a load lugger and a Pious as a local runabout!

Peter said...

I wish.

Off in a mo' to speak at a Brum Women's Business Club dinner. 120 miles round trip on the motorway and back before the boys hit the sack if I'm lucky.

Am I taking the 2 litre, 200BHP road-gobbler?

No... the Golf. That way I might get away with 3 gallons.

See, they are getting their way.